Confused? Whether to confess your love or not? Read this !!

Hey Guys, 

So one of my friend recently met a person in some party and they exchanged their numbers, started talking to each other and the person asked her out…. She was bit confused initially because she was thinking perhaps it’s too early, so she came to me for some advice. I suggested her to meet so that she can make her final decision whether to think further for that person or not. So they have met, spend a full day together, went for breakfast, coffee, movie, lunch and dinner. Guess what after meeting that person she find out that she really like the person. Yes, I know it’s too soon for anybody to decide in just one meeting that whether the person is perfect for us or not. Although she started liking that person but she was confused whether to tell that person about it or not?, too many questions like, is she acting cheesy?, or is it too soon to tell that person about your feeling? or she doesn’t want to sound desperate……

So have you also been in this confusion where you like some person but confused of telling them? 

Well I think you should have say it right away, here are the reasons why? 

1. It will give you clarity:- So the question arises that why should we tell other person to tell how we feel about it? Well if you are not telling it through words your actions will definitely tell. But it won’t be able to give clarity to you that what other person think about you? So assume that you are liking somebody but the other person won’t feel the same for you? In that case you may end up hurting yourself. So its better to clear it and have one on one conversation prior. it will help you to decide things further. If the person is not feeling same for you then its of no use to continuously feel same for that person, because it won’t take you anywhere. On the second hand if the person really likes you too, you may end up starting a beautiful relationship. 

2. You won’t end up looking desperate:- So yes, we are living in a social world and we all actually think a lot before doing anything about others. So this is one of the major reasons why people think they should not confess about their feeling at the first hand or too soon, that they might look desperate to other person. So here is the truth people, trust me confessing your feeling won’t make you desperate, but yes hiding your true feeling definitely makes you coward. So if you are confessing your feeling to somebody that shows that you have higher level of self respect towards yourself. You are one of those people who are very clear about things with yourself and others too. It shows how self aware are you for yourself. It helps to build up your courage because trust me sharing your feeling with someone is a real tough task and hearing and accepting there answer is another big task. So be brave enough to confess your feeling for specially 2 reasons. One because trust me its an awesome feeling to have this experience to confess about your feelings and second most importantly because you deserve to know an answer. You need to know your place in other person’s life. 

3. Regret or No Regret:- So this is the most important one I guess. Imagine you never confessed your feeling to someone and later on you got to know from some person that the other person also felt the same for you. But what now? that time passed, that spark faded away and this might also happen that the other person moved on in their life and there is no turning back. Trust me confessing is much better than being in regret lifetime. Don’t think it’s too soon, Because you might not get another chance to say it. 

By doing all these things you can actually make your life more easy and live happily.  

Falling in Love too easily?

Hey Beautiful,

Have you ever heard somebody from that they fall in love so easy? So I have heard it recently and I have realised that I am one of those person as well.

Well its completely ok but yes it may have different repercussions as well. You may end up indulging yourself in some trouble as well. Studies shows that in most of the cases you started attaching yourself too fast to people when you had a tragic or bad past relationship, and you are going through an emotional ride, relationship makes you feel secure, loved and cared, that makes you fall for the person so easily and that could be one of the reasons why you want to again looking for relationship too early, without actually giving somebody appropriate time or yourself to think about the man you wanted to stay with your life.

Recently a friend came to me and said that she is in love again she thinks, I was confused because this was the same friend who called me 1 week before and asking me the tip to overcome his past relationship which she broke 2 month before and she claimed that how much she loved that person. Though I told her the concept of ” Rebound” after break-ups which are very common these days. Getting over from something is not always required to get in something. She refused it completely, according to her its not rebound thing. She said she know this man from long and she started feeling something for him because she has realised that he started caring for her, dedicating love song to her, messaging her, trying to be connected ( by the time he knows that she is single ). 

So basically I don’t want to comment about boy or I don’t want to say this whether he is genuine or not because I don’t know that person, however surely I know my friend so I tried to help her. I made her understand that if its love for his side, then also you should have give urself sometime because at this particular moment you are at vulnerable stage. Whatever decision you take, it will be based on ur emotional ups and downs or maybe because of the changes your body is having post break-up. You need to ensure yourself first that are u seriously in love again? or this is person with whom you wanted to spend your whole life with? This is the person you can see your future with? This is man of the qualities you have ever imagined for? If you are unsure about your answers, take a break of at least 6 months to recover yourself, it’s not just good for you. It’s good for the other person as well, because if he is serious about you and later on you realised that u made wrong decision in a hurry he has to suffer the consequences. Trust me don’t afraid that you will loose that person after 6 month, if he genuinely loves you care for you, he will be there with you as a friend as well and help you to find yourself first, to fix yourself first.

So finally she has decided not to be in a relationship anytime soon to at least by the time she will recover her post break – up thing. She promised to give herself some time, following her passion, improving herself, reading good things, travelling and doing what she love doing before her relationship, by focusing on her job as well.  Oh and yes she decided to clear things with that boy by giving him a hint, that she don’t want to be in relationship anytime soon. Although she is more looking for friends instead of any soulmate as of now.

TIPS FOR MY FEMALE FRIEND :- “Don’t fall in Love, because somebody is paying little attention to you”. Take your time, meet up grow ur bonding, try to know that person, notice his behaviour not just with you but with other people as well. Once you are with right person everything will start falling right. Always remember, some life decisions take time, its one of them .

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Are you loosing yourself?

Hey People,

So recently I was having dinner with my graduation time friend in a restaurant, and all of a sudden a girl came to us and asked. Can I spend time with you both, I actually want some girl’s time please?

We wanted to refuse initially because she was very drunk, although she didn’t waited for our reply she sat down, and started her story like:- I am 30yrs of age, doing my job. I am married and he is my husband, ( Pointed out a person standing next to our table). We exchanged smiles, she promised to continue but not in front of her husband, so we requested the person to join his friends on other table.

She Continued:- So I am married to this person for almost a year and we had dated 7years before marriage. We are together till our graduation time, we love each other, we hang out together every time. I am kind of happy but it seems like something is missing. I think after marriage we lost our spark, or I think I lost myself. I became more moody, started getting irritated in small – small things, fights have increased though after all this he try to calm me down every time. But certain things still bother both of us, like for past 7 years I hardly met any new people on my own or I dint have any Gand whom I call my people or friends apart from him and his friends. Sometimes during the fights he said that I want my own boy’s time as well with my friend, which I agree he didn’t get because of me as I have no one to go with except him. I think I am loosing me, I have already lost interest in many things.

Something like things happening with you or ever happened to you?

So the story is definitely telling by one of the girl, but I am here saying for both the people who are in relationship. Guys I want all you to say that being in love and in relationship is very good but please remember its just a part of your life, don’t make it your whole life. Don’t limit your world surrounded by just one person, it may kill their interest towards you and the person may start feeling lack of his/her own space. As a couple if spending time together is important then spending sometime away from each other or giving other person their space is equally important. In this case we have suggested girl to make some new friends and start following your own hobbies. Hangout some other people make your small little girl Gang spend time with them, take some time out for yourself. Start giving some space to your husband and start giving some time to you.

Remember guys, if you are not happy for yourself nobody else will, no matter how other person try. You have to love yourself as much as you love other person, if you can’t love yourself how you are expecting other person to love you. No matter what, taking out sometime for yourself will help you to grow emotionally and mentally both. This is the very common mistake we do in most of the relationships, loving yourself or taking some timeout will not effect your love towards the other person. It may help you to understand each other much better ways. It’s not necessary in relationships that couple should dpi each and everything together. Problem is not to like different things its always about balancing and respecting each other’s choice.

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Social Media and Relationships….

Hello Folks, 

We all are spending our so much time on various social platforms, like instagram, facebook, etc. We meet different people out there, sometimes we become friends and do share an un-imaginary bond but sometimes we made mistake. You may have read different stories of cheating or a nice love story of the people who met online. 

So here What’s my stake on Love or finding love online.

Have you ever met someone online, chatted and find him/her good or thinking of going in an relationship with them? 

Hold on for a second read this first….

Shreya was one of the very nice, sweetest girl who was betrayed by many in her past because of trusting everybody easily. So one fine day he got a notification from instagram that one person Mr.X   ( can’t disclose the name sorry) requested to follow her. She saw the dp it was a nice man wearing defence uniform. She accepted the request and requested followed back because of the image of the uniform. They started talking to each other and everything was good. In shorted period of span they started talking on call. As suggested by her friend she did video call couple of times to ensure that he is the same person whom she is chatting and talking on call. After some chats boys expressed his feelings to girl, however shreya wants to meet the boy first and then decide further. Though after having this much busy job, and still take out time for her, treating her everything, sharing small little stuff to her, already made shreya fallen for the person. Finally they decided to meet up and though it was long distance still they both did effort and meet up in some different city which was convenient for both of them to travel. They stayed together, talked and did things Because she was ready to took her relationship further and was serious about this person. Everything went good and they left for their respective cities. 2-3 days later she started finding things bit weird, the person was online till late night on instagram, though he already said her goodnight 3 hr back. She ignored at once, though she was observing things, like his response started getting low day by day, he spent most of his time on instagram. Online on WhatsApp but not talking to her, made shreya go mad and she confessed everything to that boy, initially he tried to make her understand that its nothing like that but when shreya wasn’t ready to understand he started ignoring completely. One fine day when shreya got to know about some other girl he is talking on instagram, and doing video call on WhatsApp and his WhatsApp call has most of the time telling her that the person is on another call, She stopped calling and messaging that person and blocked him from instagram and facebook. Although he never accepted that he was cheating on her, but he confessed that he ism not in love he just wanted to have things that’s why he did all this. Hearing this made her broke completely. She was not ready to accept this fact at first, but this was the truth she had to accept someday or other. 

Above all its not just that two person stopped talking to each other, it was more of that. It was shreya’s trust who broke down. Even after so many days shreya was blaming her that why he said that person that she see saw her online, if she didn’t did that maybe that person wasn’t felt irritated and perhaps they might have been together till now. She lost confidence and it was difficult for her to pick her up. 

( Shreya is fine now, undergoing Psycatrist treatment, as things broke her down). 

Note to all men :- Guys its so common to have physical attraction and its nothing wrong in that. People can have sex only if both the partners are ready, however it doesn’t mean that one should have lie to other just to get that person to bed. There are lots of people who are having same desire and in return they don’t want anything, no relationship nothing. Find them have things but don’t pls play with the emotions, intimation is not wrong but having it on behalf of a lie is wrong. 

Note to my girls:- Girls please don’t get trapped like this, if a person is showing little care if is not necessary that he loves you. This is just a one story I am hearing the same each 2nd and 3rd day. Using somebody emotionally is not cool. Girls don’t fall for someone so easily. Take your time. In most of cases love can’t happen over call, it happens when you know somebody, spend good amount of time together face to face not on call. Again not saying everybody is same but don’t trust easily choose wisely, take time, know more and then decide. 

PS:- ( My intention here is not to defame any defence people or authority, not all people are same I know, it’s just a story of one bad experience. It doesn’t mean that we don’t respect our defence personnels, you are doing lot for our country. We respect that however we request you all as a citizen that if you have any body in your group like this please make them understand that if is good, it won’t suit your designation please. I Personally met may defence personal and I find them very respectful towards females. This story is just one of the rare bad experience of a girl faced. However not everyone is the same, it depends person to person).


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It’s Love or Need?

Have you ever been or still in a relationship where the other person always do whatever they want to do, without giving much concern about your feelings?

Lemme tell you a story…hope some of you can relate to it and learn something out of it…..

So, in my past I have been a relationship where I was the giver and other person was the taker…. so I met this person we started talking, he tell me about his feelings towards me. So it was all started and initially everything was kind of fine, or I ignored things perhaps I dont know. So this person was calling and talking to me according his mood…. if he wants to talk he talk for an hour on the other hand most of the time if I call and wants to talk he ignore by saying that he is busy or in a meeting… I believed… are you doing the same? Slowly or gradually I felt like his nature towards me is changing. He has this attitude of that I am always right, he stopped respecting or even considering my point. I ignored again… thinking of might be he is right. I need to study more. So his concept of Love was something different or maybe it was not love at all by his side. Borrowing money from me and his physical need was just two things who were holding him to be in any kind of relationship. Lying was common habit among all, he was seeing some other girls as well, When I get to know about this thing I confess this and he promised he won’t do it again and I believed. somewhere down there I knew he will do it again, but I was thinking that maybe I can change this person from my love. Are you doing the same mistake? Trust me with all my experience I can say that u can never change anybody. you can’t force anybody to love you the way you are doing to them, and if you spent good amount of time with them and still they are not sure about you. Trust me they never will. Best is to let go everything and just go…. move on and focus one yourself. Trust me because they are not the one who meant for you. Leave it as a lesson. True love isn’t just about saying I love you 200 times a day, its more than that, respecting each other, giving time, be true to each other, be there in every situation, be emotional  and mentally present with the person, and guys remember one more thing cheating is not an option, never be its always a choice. A person who is in truly love with you, will never look out for somebody else, neither emotionally nor physically.

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Heartbreaks are Painful.

Searching For Love

Hi Guys,

Since its my first post I would like to introduce myself, sorry but I will choose to keep my identity private although you can call me or know me as an untamed soul. So I could reveal couple of things about me like I am a girl, and like various other people or like you my life wasn’t easy at all. Failed relationships, cheating, lies, everything I suffered like many of us. So here I m sharing my experience with you all about love life, relationship and how you can make ur life better. Self respect, ego, and everything. You can always ask questions in comment section about your relationship. I will try to help you with that.

Today Topic #1

Searching for Love

Are you currently searching for love or a person who will truly love you with all your hearts? You saw somebody on social networking, in your neighbourhood, or ur childhood friend and you think its perfect for me? without knowing that what he/she feels for you? Sometimes we feel so much alone in our life that we start searching someone, either through social networking or anywhere. we set criteria for ourself and whomsoever fits in it. we try to go close to that person. Happening with you ? If you answer YES, guys your expectation is right but I would suggest stop searching. No I did not said stop hoping for good. however I am saying stop searching for it, because true love is something who will search you automatically. A right person on right time will come in your life and gives you everything you are searching for. You can’t get it by searching it will happen like that. So if you doing it, stop it now. Focus on you, improve yourself, focus on ur goals and let the perfect one find you automatically. 

Any questions you can ask in the comment section. 

Searching For Love?